We are a direct import company

Specializing in the hard to come by, and forgotten toys
of the past.

We are always on the look out for interesting new
products, and the website will continue to grow with
each new discovery.

My fascination with these Pop Pop Boats goes back 14
years when I was visiting Mexico City, and met an old
guy sitting on a bucket full of 3 or 4 of these boats... I
almost had a heart attack, I couldn't believe how cool
and simple they were... I bought all he had on the
spot..... I finally came across a couple of companies
that manufacture these fantastic boats, so here we

I have been marketing these boats on the web, and at
local swap meets. If you are interested in distributing in
your area, please click on the contact us link and send
an e-mail with your ideas. I am open to anything!

International customers please e-mail for a freight
quote. Shipping calculator is for US orders only!
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